Mind and Society Seminar

Description: An informal seminar to explore the foundations, implications, and history of economic theory that side-steps neoclassical economic theory. Topics include (but are not limited to) agent-based modeling, social network analysis, ecological rationality, computability, the macro economy as an ecology of plans, constructive versus nonconstructive mathematical foundations for economic theory, evolutionary economics, public choice aspects of the development of economic theory

How and where to attend: The seminar is open to George Mason University students and faculty Wednesdays at 11:00am, in Mason Hall D180. Seminars run for 45 – 60 minutes. Students run the discussions and presentations. The talks so far and upcoming schedule are listed below.


Wednesday 2/15: Abigail Devereaux – Introduction, and some remarks on “Fitness or Efficiency?”

Wednesday 2/22: Jim Caton – Complexity and Pedagogy

Wednesday 3/1: Dylan DelliSanti – Bankruptcies, Bailouts, and some Political Economy of Corporate Reorganization

Wednesday 3/8: Abigail Devereaux – Elements of Systems Theory and Economics: I

Wednesday 3/15: No meeting (Spring Break)

Wednesday 3/22:  Cancelled

Wednesday 3/29: Jim Caton – Structure, Features, and Dynamics of Knowledge at the System Level: Institutional Dynamics

Wednesday 4/5: Abigail Devereaux – Cascades in Context

Wednesday 4/12: No meeting (APEE)  

Wednesday 4/19: Cancelled

Wednesday 4/26: Richard Wagner – Systems-theoretic Macro Theory: Reinvigorating the Mises-Hayek Tradition

Wednesday 5/3: TBA



Thursday 9/29: Abigail Devereaux – Seminar Introduction
The story of Alain Lewis’s non-computability results under the patronage of Ken Arrow, and motivations for side-stepping neoclassical economic theory in order to rigorously develop a bottom-up, mathematically sound economic theory

Tuesday 10/4:  Jim Caton – Cognition and Rationality

Tuesday 10/11: Abigail Devereaux  – Some Paradoxes of Computation in Mathematical Economics

Tuesday 10/18: Dylan DelliSanti – Adam Smith and the Emergence of General Rules

Tuesday 10/25:  No meeting (Canceled)

Tuesday 11/1: Cameron Harwick – Cooperation

Tuesday 11/8: Jim Caton – Rationality in Theory and Modeling

Tuesday 11/15: Abigail Devereaux – Sketch of a Diachronic Macroeconomics
Probing the nooks and crannies of a non-equilibrium, creative, “diachronic” macroeconomics.

Tuesday 11/22: No meeting (Canceled)

Tuesday 11/29: No meeting (SEA Meetings)

Tuesday 12/6: Jim Caton – Creativity in a Theory of Entrepreneurship