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Abigail Devereaux is a fourth-year PhD student at George Mason University. She has her M.A. degree in mathematics and a B.A. in physics, both from Boston University. She re-entered academia after seven years in high tech, where she worked as a technical project manager at Wolfram Research, and helped run their complex systems summer school. Devereaux endeavors to integrate her complex systems and pure science knowledge with her economics research, envisioning institutions like markets and governments as complex adaptive systems.

Her current fields are: Macroeconomics, Public Choice, Complexity Economics, Austrian Economics, Mathematical Economics, Political Economy

Topics of particular interest to Devereaux are the methodological underpinnings of economics and how they may be informed and rewritten in a complexity frame, alternative forms of governance, the public choice and methodological issues in the creation of national welfare statistics, the technological provision of traditional public goods, the theoretical efficacy of New Paternalistic ‘nudging’ schemes, and how the pure theory of complex systems may be exploited to prove the impossibility of socialist calculation and the mechanism of entrepreneurial discovery.


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